Helping you get the word out
With so many new products introduced each year, it's impossible to review them all. Thus, while you're quite welcome to share information about your new products, please be realistic and recognize our production costs greatly exceed those of convetional print magazines. Consequently, we make no attempt whatsoever to review anything and everything within ModelSport, our television format how-to product, and instead concentrates on a select few, which attracted our editorial interest, or have special bearing for our community.

That said, if you've got a really neat product, contact us and we'll consider it for inclusion. However, bear in mind we're known for calling it
like it is,;so if your product cuts the mustard with us, i.e. by making it into production, you're assured it'll get fair consideration from our viewers. Subsequently, in the privacy and comfort of their homes, you get an opportunity for your product's merits to be considered away from distractions. Interestingly, we've learned a modeler's spouse is occasionally involved in the process as well.

- Modelsport is mostly watched
at home



Whether viewed from in
the comfort of a living room, or in the company of fellow
modelers at a club meeting, be warned, Modelsport
viewers are very careful and savvy consumers, i.e. tight with
a dollar, plus they watch everything we do with your product like a
hawk.  Thus, seeing for themselves how well your new model
goes together and flies results in a golden opportunity to
make more sales.  Especially when you consider how folks who
attend club meetings are frequently the movers and shakers, i.e.
amongst the most influential members, in their club. 
Modelsport is like show-and-tell, so the word about good
products spreads like wildfire!

Modelsport after club
meetings too.




In some
ways you're playing with fire because there's no fooling us, our
cameras, or our viewers!



Modelsport is a great way to get the word
out, but be certain of what you're offering because our
discriminating audience can sniff out a piece of crap faster than
you would believe, and just like that you're toast!  Unlike
traditional print sources of information, Modelsport
presents the full scope of your product so its quality and smart
value stand out.  Available through more than +400 local hobby
shops, or via direct subscription, each issue of
Modelsport reaches about 25,000 unique viewers. 

- Yet another
venue, in-store television! 





Consider the priceless opportunity for your product to be seen
in action, and balance it against the risk if it's found wanting,
then contact us and a representative
will respond.